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                                                  PCA Update

Dear Parents and PCA Family,
We appreciate you! As we walk this unknown path together we want you to know that our faculty and I are praying for you. We want the best for you and are working on a plan that is coming together very well. I believe these next weeks are going to become a successful time.
My prayer and my encouragement is, "Out of bad, God will make Good." We are praying for safety, health, emotional and spiritual strength in your life. We care about you.
Today we can confirm several important steps for the future. Some you will know and some we hope will help you to plan. Let's talk about a few realities and the steps we will take to succeed.
1. Traditional school will not happen until at least April 17 by the Governor's decree. But we are also being told that the limitation of "no more than 10" in a gathering may last until an effective treatment is found. Terms like "eight or more weeks." and in some conversations even July 1 has been mentioned. That being true, we are now planning to have distance learning for the remainder of the school term. If the ban is lifted earlier we will count it a blessing and restore the school day.
2. Our teachers and I have worked with others to prepare a system for learning which utilizes well known digital tools. On Monday, March 23rd we will begin to release the new schedules via Edsby and the Parkhill Facebook Page. On Wednesday, March 25th Curriculum Guides and Assignments will be posted for the Secondary Classes. On Thursday, March 26th a trial run for Zoom classrooms will be held. Teachers will invite their students to practice signing into Zoom and joining the class. By Friday, March 27th all elementary guides and curriculum will be posted. Pastor Cox is available every day between now and Friday the 27th to speak with you. If you need help with the Zoom App or the Google classroom setup, please ask us - we would love to help. Most of the middle school classes are already on the google classroom and google docs.
All of the digital curriculum meets Colorado Education Standards and is well known in educational circles. We believe you will have great confidence in the material.
3. According to current CDE statements the school year will still end at the normal time and a waiver will be granted for time missed due to the COVID 19 Virus. We will monitor the progress of the students and visit with you multiple times prior to the end of the year on this issue.
4. Our faculty will be available and working daily. We want you to feel free to contact us when there is a need.
5. Please understand that our teachers are people who have families and personal needs just like you and me. Please be punctual in your payments over these last few months. If you’re going through a time of personal difficulty, please feel free to speak directly with me and we will work together with you.
6. Our board is discussing a financial discount, as we know that so many are going to be significantly affected by the affects of the Virus. We will be announcing this decision in a letter that will accompany your tuition invoice. We want to be proactive in our help for you.

Allow me to close by saying once again that we are praying for each of you. May God bless and keep you. I will speak to you again on Monday.

Douglas Cox

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