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  Parkhill Christian Academy is a K-9 school with a Christian world view. The Academy opened in 1975 and has a long tradition of serving our community.   
  The Academy teaches from an integrated national based curriculum. Innovative and creative teachers are consistently recruited for our faculty. Student-Teacher ratios are limited to 15 to 1.

  The Academy belongs to the FRCAA league and participates in volleyball and basketball.

1.  To instill in our students a Christian world view that recognizes the principles and truth that our Creator placed in the universe.

2.  To prepare them academically for a life of excellence and happiness.

3.  To give every student the opportunity to succeed through a principled life in harmony with God.

Our Teachers  

Parkhill students come from every part of the city.  Graduates have averaged 23.4 on their ACT tests over the last 5 years.


Students are attracted to the safe Christian environment in which they can receive highly specialized atttention.

The Parkhill faculty believes they are teaching in the academy because they have a call from God. 

While possessing normal educational credentials they also are required to be able to help young people mature in Christ.

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