Parkhill Christian Academy is a K-9 school with a Christian world view. The Academy opened in 1975 and has a long tradition of serving our community.   
   The academy teaches from an integrated national based curriculum.  innovative and creative teachers are consistently recruited for our faculty. .   Student-Teacher ratios are limited to 15 to 1.

   The Academy belongs to the FRACCA league and participates in volleyball and basketball.

1.  To instill in our students a Christian world view that recognizes the principles and truth that our Creator placed in the universe.

2.  To prepare them academically for a life of excellence and happiness.

3.  To give every student the opportunity to succeed through a principled life in harmony with God

Our Teachers  

Parkhill students come from every part of the city.  Graduates have averaged 23.4 on their ACT tests over the last 5 years.


Students are attracted to the safe Christian environment in which they can receive highly specialized atttention.

The Parkhill faculty believes they are teaching in the academy because they have a call from God. 

While possessing normal educational credentials they also are required to be able to help young people mature in Christ.

"In 2014 Andrew took the Accuplacer Test and found he needed substantial work in Math to be ready for college.  After this year of work at Parkhill Christian Academy, his new Accuplacer scores are almost double in the math area.   He nows scores in the collegiate math levels.   We are very satisfied with the work at Parkhill.”


Drew and Sherry Reeves    March 18, 2015


"I tell everybody about Parkhill.   Nicky has done incredible work and he is excited for school every day."


Nick Gonzales,  Father of a first grade student